Patio hydroponic kits, equipment and feed for growing vegetables, fruit and salad crops on your patio.

Hydroponics - Supplier of hydroponic starter kits and DIY hydroponic equipment, feed and fittingsHydroponics are not just the preserve of our 'exotic' gardening colleagues but are a great way to get fantastic crops out of relatively small spaces on the patio or in the green house. Hydroponic strawberrys, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lettuce, rocket and other salad leaves are very popular.

Benefits of using hydroponics include conserving water, quicker growing plants with greater yield, elimination of soil borne pests, reduced use of pesticides, and last but not least, NO DIGGING!

Hydroponic kits are available which are great value for starting out or why not take a look on youtube (DIY Hydroponics) and see how easy (and cheap) it is to build your own DIY hydroponic system.

A simple flood and drain hydroponic system growing salad leaves, herbs and strawberrysA small, simple hydroponic system can provide a constant supply of healthy, fresh salad leaves, strawberrys and herbs at the back door. No need to remember to water or feed your plants and no worries when you go on holiday.

An example system we display is a flood and drain tray growing mixed salad leaves, strawberrys and herbs. The pictured system is located outdoors against an east facing wall. The tray is flooded five times a day for ten minutes controlled by a digital electronic timer bought from Argos.

The hydroponic solution is mixed at 12ml per litre and replaced every two weeks (thus avoiding the need for costly measuring equipment and chemicals needed to rebalance the circulating solution). The waste solution is used to water container plants around the patio so nothing is wasted.

An NFT Hydroponic system growing watercress at homeDon't believe it when they say you can't grow watercress at home.... a small NFT system can be easily adapted to grow water cress on the patio.

The system pictured uses a very small fish tank pump to constantly circulate a solution of 6ml per litre over the NFT tray providing fresh watercress as it is required.

These small NFT systems also produce fantastic tomato or chilli pepper crops from the three plants they were designed to accomodate.

If either system needs topping up in-between the bi weekly solution replacement a half stength solution mix is used.

There are a few basic types of hydroponic systems:

Pot Culture
Basic pot culture consists of a plastic plant pot and saucer. Simply fill the plant pot with a soiless medium (Clay balls, pea gravel, perlite etc) and add a hydroponic nutrient solution to the saucer. The feed will reach the plant using capillary action. This basic system can be further enhanced using wicks and reservoirs.

Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain)
Plants grown in a flood and drain hydroponic system are often in plant pots filled with hydroton clay balls or perlite which in turn sit inside a growing tray. A pump then floods the growing tray with the nutrient solution which is then returned to the reservoir tank. When thenutrient solution drains away, fresh air and oxygen are drawn into the root zone of the plants. The flood and drain cycle is repeated several times a day.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
NFT systems supply a constant flow of nutirent feed down a slightly sloping surface on which the plants are sitting in rockwool blocks or net pots inside a tray, channel or tube. The hydoponic feed is constantly recirculated around the system.

Drip Irrigation (Top Feed)
Nutrient feed is pumped from a reservoir to drippers at the top of the plant pot and the excess nutrient allowed to drain away back to the reservoir.

Hydroponic Consumables
We are slowly listing all stock for online purchase but if you need anything before we get the wesite properly sorted please email your requirements to and we will provide a quote including postage (sorry UK only).

Please be aware that our stock is not retail packaged; this is professional hydroponic equipment that we buy in bulk quantities and sell on in the smallest practical quantities for gardeners and allotment holders. The prices below include VAT.

Germinating and Seedlings

Vermiculite (medium grade) 40p / litre In Stock
Perlite (medium grade) 40p / litre In Stock
Jiffy 7 Peat Plug Pellets 24mm x 43mm 8p each In Stock
Grodan 3" 27/40 Rockwool Blocks to suit above 32p each In Stock

Hydroponic net plant pots

Teku 5cm x 5cm black plastic netipots 10p each In Stock

Capilliary Matting

Commercial grade capiliary matting 1m wide £3.50/m In Stock

Irrigation pipe and fittings

20mm LDPE Irrigation Pipe & Fittings    
16mm LDPE Irrigation Pipe & Fittings    

Easy hydroponic crops:

Target CF

Target PH

Basil 10/16 5.5/6.0
Broccoli 28/35 6.0/6.8
Cabbage 25/30 6.5/7.0
Common Bean 20/40 6.0
Courgettes 18/24 6.0
Cucumbers 17/25 5.5
Lettuce 8/12 6.0/7.0
Okra 20/24 6.5
Pak-Choi 15/20 7.0
Parsley 8/18 5.5/6.0
Peppers 18/22 6.0/6.5
Spinach 18/23 6.0/7.0
Strawberries 18/22 6.0
Tomatoes 20/50 6.0/6.5

Professional plant labels for in the garden and vegetable plot