Patio Plants - getting the most out of your garden

Patio Plants supplies plants and seeds of interest to those maximising a small garden or patio Giant vegetable seeds for fun or for competition
Plant packaging for retail or mail order plants and plug plants
Garden Irrigation - from simple garden watering systems to hydroponic growing systems, media and lighting
Wholesale holly wreaths and spruce wreaths freshly made to order throughout the festive season
Woodland Crafts
Giant pumpkins for shop displays and specialist squashes and big pumpkins for carving
Classic plastic pointed plant labels and wrap around plant labels
Wreath Supplies: Wreath making frames, wreath bases ribbons and decorations
Hand made or home grown; all that is happening in our rustical world
Wood Chunks for smoking foods in a smoker or BBQ

Office address: Patio Plants, 37 Becconsall Lane, Hesketh Bank, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 6RR

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